Biscay Triangle Leg 2 Day 1 - Depart La Coruna for La Trinite

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 29 Jul 2008 13:36
Of the eleven yachts that started from Torquay ten made it to La Coruna and
nine started the journey north this morning. Suhilla decided to carry on
south. It would have been good to join them.

We made a prompt start, slipping at 0955 against a target of 1000. The
forecast south westerly's were not in evidence and the first two hours saw
frustratingly light easterlies.

We opted to take a more northerly route than the rhumb line in the hope of
picking up the westerly's which by 1400 had proved correct. 1500 saw us on
a broad reach with 12 knots of wind carrying Gennaker, Main and Mizzen
Ballooner and achieving about 5 knots. At last we are sailing whilst one or
two of the others have disappeared over the horizon, under motor. The magic
box gives an ETA of Friday noon; we would hope for something a little better
than that if the wind strengthens.