Au revoir Caduceus - banged up for the fall

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 28 Sep 2011 10:00

Position           36:43.15N 076:14.22W

Date                1100 Wednesday 28 September 2011


I took the remainder of Monday off as, believe it or not, I had been somewhat busy for the last week, work expanding to fill the available space.  A walk to Great Bridge revealed it to be the site of the battle of that name in December 1778 and where the victory by the Continental Army and militia forces led to the departure of the Governor, Lord Dunmore, and any remaining vestiges of British power from the Colony of Virginia during the early days of the Revolutionary War.  Most importantly I found a great supermarket within a trolley push for re-provisioning when we return.


Tuesday was a different matter as I endeavoured to winterise the boat, clean through and generally leave things in a fit state to endure 3-4 months of laid up neglect.  This was not helped by temperatures in the 90’s, the Virginia version of a cloudburst and humidity that would not have disgraced a rain forest.  The final laundry was retrieved from the marina laundrette at about midnight with bags packed there remained only the last knockings to be done on Wednesday morning.


Gary and Greta arrived with some additional anti-freeze for the heads and having completed that final act they escorted me away from Caduceus and very kindly took me to the airport.


It is somewhat like abandoning a child but getting the Mate back on her feet is the priority for the next few months and we hope to return to action in January or February 2012.