Ascension Island to the Azores Day 23 – Very slow going in vile conditions

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 14 Mar 2017 03:56
Position                29:43.96 N 022:02.73 W
Date                     2359 (UTC) Monday 13 March 2017
Distance run          in 24hrs 104nm over the ground, 98nm through the water
Passage total        3,080nm over the ground, 2,995nm through the water
Distance to go      513nm    This is our direct routing.  The actual distance may be longer
                                           if we are forced west of our destination
Planned distance   Ascension to the Azores west around the high 3,666nm
The winds of 32-34 knots and large seas; 4.5 metres high and steep have continued throughout the day and this is reflected in the daily run figures; the lowest that we have seen.  There have been occasional lulls in the wind to a mere 27-28 knots but we have to set the sails for the maximum wind speed and conditions.  Too much speed and the boat becomes more uncomfortable and the slamming as we come out of the tops of oncoming waves increases.  We look forward to being able to set more main and getting the windward speed back up towards 6 knots.  Even with the good weather protection that we have the cockpit is wet from the waves that regularly slam against the hull or break over us washing under the sides.  The helm seat and cockpit seat next to it remains dry which allows Elizabeth to wedge herself in and neither of us have to wear foul weather gear.  I did have to put full weather gear and harness on today to go out and adjust the staysail sheet car which had slipped back on its track; it would have been foolish not to wear waterproofs even though it was only a 30 second outing.  Boeuf Stroganoff tonight