Ascension Island to the Azores Day 19 – Position Report

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 10 Mar 2017 05:25
Position                    24:34.36 N 026:51.16 W
Date                         2359 (UTC) Thursday 09 March 2017
Distance run              in 24hrs 137nm over the ground, 140nm through the water
Passage total             2,565nm over the ground, 2,481nm through the water
Distance to go           1,105nm      This now represents the updated forecast route that we are likely to travel to our destination
Planned distance       Ascension to the Azores west around the high 3,666nm
As I am rather pressed for time this morning this is just a brief report.  We continue to head east along the bottom of the developing weather systems to our north and which lie between us and our destination.  A mix of motoring in light head winds and some good sailing when the wind, which has been coming and going, kicks in from the NNW.  For the first time this trip the current has had a negative effect.