Langkawi to Phuket Day 2 - WIND! To Ko Rok Nok

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 18 Dec 2015 14:30

Position           07:13.03 N 099:04.45 E

Date                1430 (UTC+7) Friday 18 December 2015

Distance run    44nm over the ground, 41nm though the water

Trip total         From Langkawi 73nm over the ground, 69nm through the water


An early start and a change of time zone to Bangkok/Thailand gave us an early finish clock wise helped by the first decent sailing wind that we have seen for ages and a favourable current.  You are advised to do the Langkawi to Phuket passage as a series of day sails due to a variety of obstacles placed by fishing boats and of course the boats themselves.  For over ten miles we had to keep avoiding large floats, they must have been dropped by a fishing boat doing exactly the same course as us.


Something to avoid – we had no problem with anything just under the surface near the buoys


Arriving at Ko Rok Nok we took a National Parks buoy.  These are scattered to the north and south of the channel seperating Koh Rok Nok to the south and Ko Rok Nai to the north,  Towards dusk we were approached by a RIB with four park officials who after a bit of negotiation in Thai decided to only charge us 400 Baht for the “passenger”, the skipper going free.  The mooring looked good and strong and for the most of the night we ere facing intot he swell which crept around the corner of the island.

Looking into the gap between Ko Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai


There is sufficient depth to sail between the two islands, the advice is to favour the southern side.  The water to the east, where we were moored does have some shallow bits and the occasional bombie to lookout for