Lamen Bay, Epi and a visit ashore

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 23:40

Position           16:35.77S 168:09.76E

Date                1250 (UTC +11) Friday 26 September 2014


Distance run – 10.3nm over the ground, 9.6nm through the water

Time from Revelieu Bay – 1hr 50mins


Not an earth shattering voyage but it did get us up to the anchorage in Lamen Bay, a popular destination for cruisers but empty when we arrived and before we were joined later in the day by Pacific Cool who had overnighted at our original destination of the day before, Emae.


Lamen Bay is a more sizable settlement with an airstrip and a junior and senior school.


The Mate chatting with three of the senior school girls, Emma, Patricia and May; three confident and well-spoken charming young ladies from another island and staying at the school by the term


The school looked well provided for and had solar panels to provide lighting, and looking at the amount of light at night possibly a generator.


The rest of the village was more what we have seen throughout rural Vanuatu, traditional with some new materials thrown in to the mix.  There is land based tourism at Lamen Bay and the off lying Lamen Island which explains the presence of vehicles and one or two heavy lorries.


A village scene. The boys that can just be made out in the road on the right were playing marbles


A sign of civilisation, the local bank – civilised? of course it was closed