Hull polishing and then escape to Pulpit Harbor

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 19 Jul 2011 20:00

Position           44:09.27N 068:53.27W

Date                2000 – Tuesday 19 July 2011 (UTC -4)


Lest any of you out there think that we have completely abandoned the protestant work ethic this morning may help restore our reputation.  A few days ago I removed the yellow staining from the hull.  Not immediately polishing the hull meant that this morning started with another application of the oxalic acid mix and I then made a start on polishing whilst the Mate applied herself to the gunwales from the deck.  Hull polishing involves balancing in the dinghy hanging on with one hand and rubbing with other whilst trying not to drop the polishing cloths, polish or oneself into the oggin (water).  A talented Russian acrobat might be more suited to the job but they are currently in short supply.


Well we made a start but enough is enough so after a late’ish lunch we up sticks and headed south to Pulpit Harbor on North Haven Island.


Pulpit Harbor is named after the rock which guards its entrance which reminded the early devout settlers of a pulpit.



Perhaps a stretch of the imagination, however its current residents seem to like it.



Ospreys are recorded as nesting on top of the Pulpit Rock for over a century.


Pulpit Harbor provides a secure anchorage and attracts many visitors.  The Schooner Charters are regular visitors and this one set off a spectacular sunset to perfection.



When we were in Boston we bought meat from the K and 8th  Street Market (reputedly run by Albanians) and they gave the Mate two lots of their sausage as a pressie – Cumberland with Albanian overtones.  They probably recognised her as a fellow alien refugee.  We barbequed the lot marked “hot”; I now realise that the red bits visible under the skin were chilli; no problems under the Trade Description Act here – very good.  If you go to South Boston you really should try the K and 8th Street Market.