ARC Day 14 - Party time

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 5 Dec 2010 01:17

Position           12:35.49N 38:43.02W

Date                2359 UTC Saturday 4 December 2010


Very light winds last night meant furling the cruising chute, yes that part of the sail plan now appears to be working well, and resorting to diesel power.  This lasted until the watch change at 0630, first light hereabouts, when with a little more breeze we unfurled the chute.  The wind all day verged on being useful but never quite got there; tomorrow perhaps?  At midday we were able to add the mizzen staysail and that combination carried us thought the rest of the day until prudence, and the sight of potential  incoming squalls on the radar, dictated that the mizzen staysail was put back in its bag.  An increasingly impressive line of squalls subsequently required the chute to be furled and we are currently motor sailing under main and mizzen at 7.5 knots with 1200 rpm on the engine; a very economical compromise.  With only two of us we cannot take the risk in the dark of being hit by a squall with too much sail up.


The weather forecast and GRIBs  (the wind forecast files) suggest that we are approaching a period with stronger easterly winds blowing so hopefully we will soon  be able to put the light weather behind us.


To more digestible matters.  Chat on the radio net yesterday suggested that whilst no boat could actually define where the half way point was crews had arbitrarily decided to have a half way party.  We deferred saying yesterday that the champagne would have to wait until St Lucia.  Well such good intentions are meant to be caste aside in the interest of high morale so we decided at noon that with 1,350nm to go that was the place the half way point should have been had the wind behaved itself.


Party time for the three of us – Rodney looking over Elizabeth’s shoulder being the honorary third member.  I have told you that this ocean business has a peculiar effect on the psyche.



We have stumbled, well discovered might be a better term given the champagne consumed, that a main meal in the middle of the day when we are both up and about might be a good idea.  A brilliant Spanish Omelette followed the champagne and nibbles.  Very civilised.