ARC Day 11 - Go west young man, go west

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 2 Dec 2010 00:29

Position           13:50.47N 32:34.67W

Date                2359 UTC Wednesday 1 December 2010


This morning’s decision, having hauled the not inconsiderable bulk and weight of the cruising chute out of the lazarette was not to use it and put it back.  The reasoning is that to use it we have to take the genoa down to use the halyard and this increases the likelihood of a problem with it, given the fragile state of the furler.  It is better to be going 1.5 knots slower and have the genoa useable than to take the risk.  Sailing without a foresail of any description would be very slow.


We therefore have that classic trade wind rig in place, poled out genoa and winged main, i.e. set on the opposite side to the genoa as shown in the photograph.     



Look carefully and you will see the Mate in the cockpit – proof that she is still on board and not just a figment of this blogs imagination.


It would be fair to point out that we expected to have this rig in place for the majority of the trip and Day 11 is the first day that we have been able to set it.  The wind remains light, 10-11 knots so this is only allowing us to make 5 knots average, albeit in the correct direction.  Sorry Andrew you will be waiting on the quay for Mum and Dad to arrive.


On the catering front the fruit and veg are surviving well.  Dinner was a Blue Peter chicken curry and fresh banana ice cream courtesy of the Bamix Wand.  The Mate was most insistent that the magic wand got a mention.