Down the Delaware, we think, to Cape May

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 11 Jun 2011 16:00

Position           38:57.03N 074:53.12W

Date                1700 – Saturday 11 June 2011 (UTC -4)


Fog and little or no wind.  They say that there is not much to see on the Delaware River but this was ridiculous, we could have been on the moon.  We did however carry the tide, avoided a variety of commercial vessels and came out of the mouth of the Delaware into even thicker fog with visibility at times down to 50 metres.  There are no photographs!


After 64 miles we found Cape May.  We are not sure whether the author of the Pilot Book has proof read the guidance for the anchorage with reference to the ground.  SW of the Coast Guard station would suite a skateboard.  We preferred north east which had the advantage of water in which to anchor.


We rounded up behind a Hallberg Rassy, Lalise, registered in Ipswich and carrying the letters of the Royal Harwich Yacht Club, our home yacht club.  Shortly after, seeing our Club ensign they hoist theirs.  Hello Adrian Pringle from Colne Engaine, home to our favourite pub the Five Bells, and his American wife Leslie.  Needless to say they joined us for a drink and gave the Mate the opportunity for some canine therapy bringing their dog Shelly.



Andrew and Celia from Alice were also with us and sad to say for the last time for a number of months.  Having travelled in company since the BVI’s they are off to New York whilst we are making our way more directly to Maine.  We intend to meet up again in September on or way south.


After weeks of very high temperatures and humidity it is now officially cool!