Port Villa to Havannah Harbour, Efate

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 23:20

Position           17:36.34S 168:14.53E

Date                1610 (UTC +11) Wednesday 24 September 2014


Distance run – 20.3nm over the ground, 20.8nm through the water

Time from Port Villa – 2.6hrs


We spent four days in Port Villa, stern to the Yachting World dock recharging both the boat batteries and our own provisioning from the excellent fresh produce market.  After four days however it was time to tear ourselves away from the flesh pots and get back out into the real Vanuatu.


The next destination was only twenty miles away so we were able to leave in the afternoon together with the Amel Super Maramu Pacific Cool.  On the way out of the harbour our paths crossed with the World ARC yacht Firefly, Paul and Susie Ellis, in bound and who we had last seen in Fiji.



We also passed, in bound the World ARC  yacht Trillium, Dennis and Sherry Day.  We had just missed the opportunity for a reunion get together.


It may have only been 20 miles but we were able to sail all of the way and as we had left in the company of Pacific Cool there was the opportunity for some mutual photography and received from Bill and David some good photographs to prove the point.



Our destination of Havannah Harbour provided a reasonably sheltered anchorage and we lay quietly overnight.



Havannah Harbour is a huge natural harbour at the north end of the island of Efate.  It was used in World War 2 to assemble a large American fleet before the Battle of the Coral Sea.