Day 6 - Passage to the Canaries - La Graciosa to Las Palma s, Gran Canaria

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 1 Nov 2010 18:25

Position           28:07.72N 015:25.51W

Date                0830 UTC Monday 1 November 2010          


Following our break after Day 5 we re-started our passage onto Gran Canaria at 1600UTC Sunday. We had a few hours of daylight on a fast reach and then having rounded the south end of Lanzarotte it was a rollicking fast broad reach with a large quartering swell and pitch black – speeds of 8-10 knots may not seem fast on a bicycle but they certainly do in a boat with a largish following sea and no real visibility.


Elizabeth had most wisely prepared a smoked salmon pasta dish that only required to be reheated which was just as well as keeping tabs on things in the galley in a good rolling seaway could best be described as one of life’s little challenges.


We made excellent progress, rather better than planned, and came up to Las Palmas Harbour about an hour after daybreak.  On arrival there was some confusion as to why the marina reception and fuel dock were not open.  We had assumed that the Canaries, being Spanish, worked on Spanish time which is one hour ahead of the UK.  We had dutifully put our clocks back one hour on Sunday for daylight saving; however the islands work on UK time so we were still one hour out and early for everything.  This situation was ably assisted by the fact that it is a public holiday


We are now in a berth in the Las Palmas marina; stern to with two lazy line pickups for the bow.  These come up very dirty and necessitated a wash down of the boat to get rid of the mud when what we actually wanted was breakfast and a sleep.  Alls well that ends well – Bunting’s bacon to the rescue, morale high and another major objective in our trip achieved.


We are now here until the ARC starts on Sunday 21 November.  Lots to do and lots to enjoy.