Leg 3 - Marquesas Day 13 - Where the flying fishes play

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 16 Mar 2014 02:17

Position           08:45.83S 126:50.27W

Date                1200 (Central American Time) Saturday 15 March 2014


Distance run - 155nm over the ground, 151nm through the water

                        Distance (OG) covered from start 2,254nm

                        Distance to destination 725nm

                        Original distance to Marquesas (straight line) 2,962nm

But not on the road to Mandalay Mr Kipling.


Just when you wonder what to write about something crops up, but first the sailing summary.  The cruising chute came down at 1800, deliberately that is and not of its own accord, although it might have done if had been left.  We hear that other boats have lost downwind sails and we are trying very hard to make sure that we do not count amongst their ranks.  This partially accounts for the lower day run total as when the wind went light and round to the stern in the middle of the night we had to rely on the genoa and mizzen to keep us going rather than prancing around in the dark putting up either the chute or a pole.  Put it down to a sensible limitation as a result of only having two people on board.


Lack of progress is relative.  If we were on our own we would regard 155nm as not bad.  This is an issue with Rally’s as there is an implicit encouragement to sail as fast as possible rather than as fast as sensible which is more of the cruiser ethos.  Notwithstanding that, just after dawn a review of the GRIB files, wind forecast files, looking forward over the next four days dictated the sense in altering the course away from the direct line and heading in a more southerly direction.  This in an endeavour to put us into stronger easterlies for the final days of the passage.  Altering course by 10 degrees was enough to allow all plain sails to be set and draw.


The excitement of the day!  The Mate at the chart table was aware of something passing her ear and then scurrying about the cabin floor.  Her immediate reaction was that we had a rat on board (Snort from the skipper – it would have to be an airborne rat making a HALO entry).  Torch found and tentative search of the floor revealed a flying fish, which I understand took some persuading that it should be repatriated.  Talk about a random shot for a hole in one!  The log entry says “Got a fright!”