ARC Day 3 - Shades of the Ancient Mariner

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 24 Nov 2010 18:38

Position           22:33.67N 019:54.20W

Date                1300 UTC Wednesday 24 November 2010


We are still heading south west in the general direction of the Cape Verde Islands.


Well the cruising chute got to 48 hours without falling down and actually after 54 hours was furled and taken down in the natural course of events due to no wind whatsoever.


However to recap 1300 Tuesday to 0700 Wednesday was great sailing and then we, and all of the fleet within at least 70 miles of us fell into a wind hole with a lot of slopping about and flapping sails; hoisting the mizzen staysail helped for some time but then zero wind – writing this at 1800 into Day 4 we have a little wind and are sailing again but for the end of our third day at 1300 it was shades of “Water, water everywhere “ etc…


Whilst I was asleep and the wind disappeared the mate decided to dhobi (translates from Indian Army as - do the washing) and I awoke to more additional sail area in the form of tee shirts and the like. A good drying day as the sun was shining in a clear sky.


Our culinary correspondent reports that dinner was Boeuf Stroganoff and lunch a very pleasant ham and cheese salad.  The cold room, ie the blacked out guest cabin with aircon running whenever we  have the generator on, appears to be doing a great job at conserving the fresh rations.