Day 13 with Andrew - Snorkelling the Typhoon then to Soso Ba y

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:43

Position           017:07.99S 177:13.47E

Date                1740 Tuesday 5 August 2014

Distance run from Somosomo Bay 17nm – 17nm through the water


The various books and logs said that if we landed on the beach we would find a path over the hillside to the other side of the island - correct


The path is to the left of the fallen palm at the right of the photograph.  The hillside behind had been devastated by a fire a few days earlier


and meet Sarah  and Sanita who farm there, also correct.


Sarah and Sanita with their daughter.  A gift of foodstuffs was well received


Sanita showed us where the buoy marking the aeroplane was situated well out in the shallows.


It is out there somewhere


There is not much aeroplane left but it made for a very interesting snorkel


The seat frame


Tail section and engine cowl


Returning to the boat having said goodbye to Sanita and Sarah and having been given a gift of bananas we set sail for the other end of Naviti Island and anchored in Soso Bay, once again just before dusk.


Entering Soso Bay, at the south of Naviti