Rodriguez - Coastal Walks

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 18 May 2016 23:00

Date                          Saturday 14 – Sunday 23 May 2016


We spent a very pleasant week in Rodrigues.  The people were charming, friendly and hospitable.  There were a number of places to eat out and after the restrictions of the Maldives this island with its scenery and freedom was a gem.


The local buses ran routes centred on the bus station in Port Mathurin, where we were docked, to all areas of the island.  This allowed us to take a bus to the coast, walk a coastal path and then take another bus to get us back to Town.  By this means we were able to see a large part of the island and also take some much needed exercise.  We realised as we nursed aching legs and sore hips that we had not walked further than a hundred metres or so since we left Langkawi in February.  Dagmar and Christoph, who had been in Rodrigues for a fortnight having missed out on Chagos provided an excellent guide and goo d company on our rambles and restaurant excursions.


The buses mostly ran to time, some of the time.  Waiting at the Central Bus Station


At the other end of the route


And turning through 180 degrees, the view in the other direction


The continuing strong trade winds produced dramatic scenes on the windward side of the island.  Not somewhere that you would wish to be in a boat.  There is virtually no offshore fishing from Rodrigues for good reasons


This marked and signed walk involved a great deal of scrambling over the shore


Looking back at the same feature having gained altitude to get off the beach


Journey’s End and a welcome restaurant for a late lunch

Not a kennel with a sunshine roof but a rubbish bin

Elizabeth was persuaded to give these two treasures back to their owner


We ended up on the end of day school bus.  Brilliant children