50:42.31N 1:30.32W Wednesday 7 July 2010 Yarmouth

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 11 Jul 2010 15:26

A brisk beat down the Solent towards Yarmouth was rewarded by the sight of three magnificent classic yachts powering downwind with a huge spread of canvas.  We gave way!




We hope that the photograph comes out  - we will not be able to check the settings until we have WiFi in La Rochelle as all of this catch up is being done whilst at sea.


A further treat for me, Elizabeth, was a sighting of Ellen McArthur who was leaving Yarmouth with one of her youth project yachts as we entered.


John and Celia Burgess arrived on the ferry from Lymington and treated us to pre-dinner drinks at the Royal Solent Yacht Club before they had to return to the North Island and Martin, Andrew and I retired to Salty’s for some magnificent fish and chips.  Later in the bar we met Salty, the eponymous owner of this very “In” bar.  Andrew and Salty found that they had a mutual friend, Simon, and this was the excuse for another memorable evening, well Andrew claims to have remembered it.