A rolly night in St Pierre

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 10 Mar 2011 11:59

Position           14:44.64N 61:10.67W

Date                0800 – 10 March 2011


It is only 16nm from Trois Islet north to St Pierre but the wind managed to blow from most directions for a time during the passage.  Given that we have had non-stop NE to E winds since December this came as quite a surprise.  Having made a reasonably early start when we arrived at St Pierre there was lots of space to anchor on the narrow shelf in from of the town.  Last time here we were much later and finding space to anchor was a real challenge.  Later in the afternoon the anchorage filled and space in under 10m depth again became a premium.


The final day of the Mardi Gras holiday was in full swing and we went ashore to watch the parades and the crowds most of whom were in some form of fancy or extravagant dress, and in many cases not much of it.  Sorry I forgot to take the camera.


In the evening we had one of our rare meals ashore at a charming restaurant ‘Le Tamaya’.  This is owned by a husband and wife team from France who sailed across the Atlantic and settled in St Pierre.  It definitely a piece of Normandy transported to the Caribbean and the food was very good.  To be recommended if you are coming this way.




There followed a very rolly night as the wind dropped away and the boat swung this way and that through the northerly swell that was creeping into the anchorage.  It made getting up early very easy and the reward was one of those rare views of the volcano, Mont Pelée, without a cloud cap.