Norfolk to Queens Creek - off up the Bay to the Piankatank R iver

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 30 May 2013 14:15

Position           37:29.16N 076:20.14W

Date                Thursday 30 May 2013


Days Run        52.8nm - 52nm over the ground in 8hrs 15 min


We spent a pleasant few days berthed at the Pilot House and gradually got the boat together and in a state to be able to sail.  The hire car was delivered back to the airport yesterday and Gary very kindly picked me up and brought me back to the boat.


The boat may have been ready to sail but the weather was not obliging and we only managed a couple of hours under sail as we were under the time constraint of high water in Queens Creek, and even then at times we had under .6 of a metre under the keel as we entered.


Queens Creek was where we left Caduceus last May, due to the generous provision of a berth by Chris and Bill Burry.  They were on their dock to greet us when we arrived and even though it was high water we could not actually get into the berth, due to new mud, and as we were only staying a couple of days it was far easier to anchor off than risk being neaped.


Queens Creek is a delightful anchorage and it was very much like coming home.  Problems with starting the outboard motor meant that I saw quite a lot of it from a rowing position.


Caduceus at anchor in Queens Creek