White Bay, Jost van Dyke

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 26 Apr 2011 09:45

Position           18:26.53N 64:45.85W

Date                1045 – 26 April 2011


A short 5nm run back west took us to White Bay, Jost van Dyke. This is a beautiful stretch of white sand protected by a reef with an anchorage in about 2.5 – 5m of water inside the reef.


There are two main entrances both of which should be buoyed.  For those coming this way, the western, main entrance red buoy is missing; we gather that it has been sitting on the beach for the last 18 months.  Add to this the fact that the BVI’s along with the rest of the Caribbean use the US version of the buoyage system (IALA Region B) which means the green buoy is left to port on the way in and not starboard – the buoy is also just on the edge of the reef  - you get the general idea?


We arrived just in time to get a good anchorage with 0.5m under the keel as later in the day the bay filled up with day trip boats and charterers which would have made anchoring rather more difficult.


Joy of joys we have a WiFi connection again with a good enough connection to Skype.  This was an especial treat as we were able to have a long conversation with daughter Alice – Happy twenty something birthday Alice.  Catch up time for the web blog and admin tasks.  It also gives us a good opportunity to prepare for the journey to Bermuda.


We sat out the odd rain storm; they appear very good for the beach bars as the beach empties into the bars for shelter.  Later in the afternoon we took ourselves ashore and Elizabeth lead, in the Napoleonic sense and from the rear, an expedition up a precipitous road to the summit of the ridge overlooking the bay.



To give an idea of scale, Caduceus is the third boat from the right in the anchorage.


Following a successful descent of the North face of Jost van Dyke I took over the lead for an assault on the Soggy Dollar Bar, world famous for their Painkiller cocktails.  A rather more relaxed photograph of Caduceus was taken from the semi-prone position in a bar armchair.



Two painkillers each later and pizza from the freezer was the order of the day for supper.