Morgan's Bluff to Charleston Day 1 - Now for some serious sailing

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 17 Apr 2012 22:59

Position           26:22.69N 079:14.26W

Date                Tuesday 17 April 2012


After Saturday’s rollicking ride we sat out Sunday and Monday whilst the 25 knot winds outside the harbour produced an impressive sea charging past the entrance and crashing on the breakwater and Bluff to the east and the reefs visible to the west.  WiFi decided that I would not connect from the boat on this visit but a trip ashore to the harbour bar with the laptop solved that problem and email was done with some Skype calls of good quality.  We also had a very pleasant and interesting visit from Anne Stewart and Mike Weston of Grey Wolf, a Canadian Seacraft 33 originally from Toronto who were spending their second winter season in the Bahamas, living in Toronto but keeping their boat in Fort Lauderdale..


The wind moderated during Monday afternoon and with a reasonable forecast we set off from Morgan’s Bluff at 0720 heading, we decided, direct for Charleston South Carolina, a trip of approximately of 490 miles, much of it riding the Gulf Stream north.


A picture being worth a great deal of verbage, this chart shows our progress across the Great Bahama Bank and our position at midnight.  The blue bits are the shallow parts; in the case of today’s passage mostly between 3 and 5 metres.  The white bits are a different issue with thousands of metres in the gaps.



105nm covered by midnight which was not bad considering the light winds mostly from well aft the beam during the day.  Now we have the excitement of the Gulf Stream which given the ever lightening wind will be required to flush us north.