Leaving Port Vila for Havannah Harbour for an overnight stay

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 20 Jul 2015 17:00

Position           17:36.26 S 168:14.63 E

Date                1800 Monday 20 July 2015

Distance run    From Port Vila to Ai Creek 21.0nm over the ground, 20.4nm through the water


We eventually got away with our half ton of rice safely stored and two water tanks lashed to the aft deck.


Water catchment with a difference.  We are in there somewhere


Every boat should have two


Half a ton of rice securely stored.  An uncomfortable carpet.


We got away after a hectic final morning tying up lose ends and made our way around to Ai Creek, Havannah Harbour, ready for an early morning start for the Maskelyne Islands with the prospect of a favourable robust wind to get us the 70nm during daylight.