Passage to Bora Bora and Bloody Mary's

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 16 Jun 2014 23:29

Position           16:31.65S 151:44.72W

Date                1415 (UTC -10) Saturday 10 May 2014


Distance run – 28nm over the ground, 28nm through the water


It was necessary to motor the remaining way around the inside passage on Tahaha before exiting through the western Passe Paipai and being able to set the sails for a short blast across to Bora Bora.  Arriving at the south west corner of Bora Bora there was once again the requirement to sail up the outside of the reef to reach the main Passe into the Bora Bora lagoon.


Canoeing, of the outrigger variety, is the national sport of French Polynesia and actively pursued throughout the islands.  It accounts for the large number of muscle bound young men about the place who compete in both individual and team canoes.  A favourite pastime is to pick up the wake of a yacht and paddle and be dragged in the slipstream.


The lead young man rode our wake into the Bora Bora Lagoon, his buddy was left behind


The majority of the fleet were already moored or anchored off the Rally base at the Maikai Yacht Club.  We decided for one more evening to do our own thing and took a mooring off the famous restaurant “Bloody Mary’s




Which provided a very up market jetty



and name boards at the entrance listing previous guest deemed of the great and good.



We believe that out of the twenty tables occupied we were one of two that were not honeymooners.  Such is the appeal of Bora Bora.