To Port Sandwich in the South East of Malakula Island

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 7 Oct 2014 02:06

Position           16:27.69S 167:46.71E

Date                1315 (UTC +11) Friday 3 October 2014


Distance run – 10.8nm over the ground, 11.4nm through the water

Time from Gaspards Bay – 2hr 5mins


Our approach to the anchorage deepest into Port Sandwich, a secure natural harbour


This wreck is a local landmark and an indication of the former trading importance of the harbour



Ashore we found this very well kept homestead with cattle and chickens grazing the hillside.  Here for the first time we saw well-tended commercial coconut plantations and the workforce returning home after a day’s work


This very happy pig had found a green coconut and looked very pleased with itself.


We walked 3 miles back down the bay to this dock, an alternative anchorage.  It appears that there used to be a cattle processing facility here and offal waste was poured into the harbour.  This has led to a bad reputation for grazing sharks.  We did not wish to put the currency of this information to the test.


This father and son appeared to be taking produce to the village market.