Vareyaadhhuvaa, at the south end of the Huvedhoo Atoll

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 11 Apr 2016 15:00

Position           00:17.702 N 073:19.834 E

Date                 1600 (UTC+5) Monday 11 April 2016

Distance run    28.3nm over the ground


Today was another move south following Flomaida to a position suitable for a dash across the last longer inter-atoll gap to Adhoo Atoll.  The really good thing about the day was that we could actually sail, admittedly in light airs that required the gennaker but it made a welcome change.


Not only sailing but goose winging the gennaker with the genoa, a rare combination


The original anchor position chosen by Flomaida from Google Earth turned out to be an uncomfortable lee shore so they retraced their steps and we both settled on the edge of an isolated reef near Vareyaadhuvaa. This was well spotted as there was just room for the two boats anchoring on a sandy shelf, dropping in 6 metres and backing off into deeper water once again.


The following morning, we left Flomaida who decided to stay a further day and take advantage of the reef for snorkelling on the basis that local resort boats came out with guests to use the reef.

Looking back at Flomaida in what has become for us a typical Maldivian anchorage