OCC Rally Day 2 - Raft up Party at Shaw Bay

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 1 Jun 2011 22:59

Position           38:51.35N 76:11.12W

Date                2359 – Wednesday 1 June 2011 (UTC -4)


We started with an early morning walk before the temperature climbed and had an interesting wander around Galesville.  It seems community that is suffering from the great recession and there were a great number of houses for sale and closed small businesses.  On our return to the waterfront we encountered this specimen – Jane another one to be identified please.




It being Celia’s birthday we delivered a card and small present – well done the Mate.  It was then a careful extraction from our berth and a 21 mile sail across the Bay to the eastern shore and Shaw Bay on the Wye River.


The sail was really good after a number of days of virtually no wind and Caduceus romped along in 15 knots with no sea.  Getting into the Wye River involved a swatchway, beloved of East Coast (UK) sailors, to save an additional 2 miles.  Alice had been there ahead of us and assured us that there was 11 feet of water (whatever they are).  We draw somewhat more than they do but it seems OK, which it was; however we got down to 50cms under the keel which was interesting for a time.  We are assured that the bottom throughout the Bay is soft mud, very soft and glutinous, so a soft landing if one occurs is likely.  We have also taken the precaution of joining Tow Boat USA, a get you off the mud and home service.  Today it was not required.


Shaw Bay is a large anchorage, very suitable for a gathering.  As we were to form the platform for the party, Alice and we demonstrated, with a little trial and error, an interesting manoeuvre and both dropped anchors and rafted together.


The afternoon saw some vigorous thunderstorms but they appeared to pass down the western shore and missed us.

Sid and Rebecca produced the food and drink in very generous quantities and a very good time was had by all.



Elizabeth made a chocolate birthday cake for Celia and I piped Happy Birthday.  There are no catering notes for his evening as no further catering was necessary and the last guests departed by dinghy well after dark.