South to Whangarei Day 1 - Pararahi Bay, Mimiwhanga

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 20 Nov 2014 18:25

Position           35:26.03 S 174:23.80 E

Date                1825 (UTC+13) local time New Zealand


Distance run    34.5nm over the ground, 34nm through the water

                        Time from Opua 6 hours


Opua to Whangarei is over 70nm and is rather too far to sail in a day unless unnecessary use of the engine is used and as we did not really want to do an overnight sail we opted to break the journey part way.  We got away just after noon and had a pleasant sail out to Cape Brett where the wind went light and we motored the remainder of the way south and found a great overnight anchorage in Pararahi Bay.



The chart shows the top end of North Island, New Zealand, the Bay of Islands with the anchorages used in our trip around the Islands and the route round Cape Brett, via Pararahi Bay to Whangarei. In this instance it is a lot further by sea than by land.

An early morning photograph of Pararahi Bay looking north


The same anchorage looking east – you would not want to run into that lot