Happy 60th birthday Elizabeth

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 23 Feb 2011 23:59

Position           14:05.44N 60:57.83W

Date                2359 – 23 February 2011


Well it comes to all of us, eligible for a bus pas but under transitional rules no state pension until next year.


As all of our sailing friends have either departed north or south and we are in St Lucia to be able to spend a weekend in the Windjammer Resort as a birthday present, albeit an ARC prize, Elizabeth’s 60th birthday was spent “a deux” anchored of Pigeon Island.  Thank you to everyone who emailed birthday greetings and to those very clever people who managed to get cards out to Elizabeth.


During the day we had a ramble over Pigeon Island, now joined to the mainland by an isthmus:



At one time Pigeon Island was a major military base defending the Rodney Bay anchorage and St Lucia whilst keeping a close eye on the French fleet in Martinique just over 20nm to the north.  The island has many ruins dating from the occupation by British, and at times French, infantry and artillery.  The views from the fort at the top are proof of its strategic position in times gone by.




Following the official birthday photograph, sorry about the hair, it was windy:



We retired to the Jambe de Bois for lunch and to marvel at the tourists that flock there during the day; we of course do not regard ourselves as tourists.


A leisurely afternoon followed before celebrating aboard with a carefully chilled bottle of champagne donated by Steve B and carried from England and a return to the Jambe de Bois, now populated only by yachties for a delicious dinner.  The owner, who seems to appear in the evenings made us most welcome and with the staff sang “Happy Birthday” whilst serving pudding with 60th birthday candles.