Bequia for Christmas

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 26 Dec 2010 23:59

Position           13:00.41N 61:14.43W

Date                2359 UTC - 26 December 2010


(All times in this entry refer to local time, UTC -4 unless stated as UTC)


Christmas Eve morning saw a trip ashore to endeavour amongst other things to extract some money from an ATM.  The first bank had run out of money but the second one’s ATM was in funds; Andrew and I sheltered from a quick deluge in the ATM booth.  Moving on we encountered Bequia’s answer to Pizza Hut.



We met up with Kaj and crew from “Amelit” and Goran, Helene and family from the yacht “Ellen” for lunch at Tommy’s.


In the early evening our friends Derek and Liz Hayes took us to a party at the home of Canadian residents of Bequia, Russ and Lois whose house on the summit of Mount Pleasant has the most amazing views over the harbour, our boat is down there somewhere, in one direction and over the island and on to St Vincent in the other. 



At Lois’s specific request Martin played the pipes which delighted Lois and reduced Rafael, who was helping look after the guests, to tears; I trust of emotion and not pain. Rafael joined us towards the end of the evening and treated us to some excellent singing which encouraged contributions from others and finished off the evening in very excellent style.


Christmas morning we were able to speak to my sister Sally and my mother on Skype and then a real treat for us, to Alice for the first time in three months.  Alice who is currently travelling in South America had returned with boyfriend Stuart to South Africa for Christmas and Skype allowed us all to have a really good chat.


We followed this with our traditional family breakfast with; you will guess this, Bunting’s bacon.  The stock cannot last for ever.



In the evening our friends Derek and Liz invited us to heir home for a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and all of the bits.  It was absolutely wonderful.  So much so that I managed not to get any photographs, sorry Derek and Liz, but I have found a photograph of you from an earlier visit and dinner at Fernando’s Hideaway.


On Boxing Day the weather changed and we were treated to real Christmas weather with a steady 20 knot wind, bright sunshine and no rain!  Hopefully the wet season has come to a belated end.  Derek and Liz joined us for a barbeque lunch on the boat and in the evening we retired to Princess Margaret’s Beach for sundowners at Jack’s Bar. A great end to a great Christmas, even if, for the first time, Alice was not with us.