Fwd: Salsa is getting an overhaul by the new owner now...

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 5 Apr 2016 16:37

HI Staffan,

Yes, fine to publish, no worries. Here are some pictures of progress.
We did the following for the deck refurbishment ( we hope it should give us another 8-10 years of wear):

1. Removed all caulking
2. Cut the rebate out (the strip of teak between each plank)
3. Cleaned all the new grooves and primed them
4. Recaulked with a product called Fixseal DC
5. Sanded all the smeared caulking and smoothed off the teak planks (they had heavy ridging as you know).
6. Removed all screws showing and all plugs that looked like they would go soon
7. Drilled down into the plank a little deeper
8. Refixed with a low profile head screw I have used 900 so far and are probably half way!
9. Replugged
10. Finished with a sand to smooth the top of the plugs and remove any extra epoxy from the deck

A really big job (approx 400 hours) but the result is very rewarding and this has also kept me fit. We also managed to find the cause of the hatch leaks up forward in the process so a big bonus.

We hauled out recently for the antifoul and also replaced 6 through hull fittings with Marelon (Forespar) on the Surveyors recommendation.

A quick question...there is a chain in the bilge, what is the purpose of this. I could always pull it through to look but am more comfortable knowing a little more about it.

So our plan is to sail to Tasmania in early December and cruise there for a while and then when we both finish work..New Zealand for an extended explore.