Las Perlas and fish!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 21 Apr 2013 02:18
This morning we could finally leave the busy anchorage just by the lane going in and out of the canal.
It has been very rolly and we have been busy every day.
We passed a big bunch of ships anchored outside Panama, we could see the sky skrapes in Panama City and the air filled with smoke.
Soon we left all the noise behind and we could just enjoy the sailing and the peaceful Pacific.
The sea has been almost like a floor, the winds about 5-7 knots on the nose.
We rolled on new line on the new fishing rod that we bought for a very good price, took a bate with three hooks (Thank you Kelvin!) and dropped it in the ocean. After half an hour, we pulled out TWO spanish mackerells!
Wow, dinner secured! Then we dropped the line again and after an hour we got THREE spanish mackerels! All at the same time!
They where big so we only ate two of them tonight, with cooked potatoes and spinnach. Very Yammi!
As the sailing was slow we headed for the northern most island on Las Perlas.
Here we are anchored with just another boat and the island is FULL of birds.
Tonight we got a sense of being in the Doldrums or ICTZ as it is called today. It is a belt of no wind, thunderstorms and humidity.
We have a lot of thunder and lightning around us but so far nothing just above us.