A used car has two great moments, Mac Donald has one...

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 8 Jan 2014 09:18
This morning I took an early bus to Auckland, arriving there by 11.30
Was picked up by Sean who has helped me to choose some cars.
I got to listen to some rap music on the way and then we checked out this Nissan Primera
that really does not look much for the world but runs smooth.
We took her to a Pit Stop, had a mechanic checking her and payed 2100 NZD (for the car, not the mechanic), What do you say about that?
To buy the insurance was actually a bigger adventure. I can rage about that another time.
The big experience today was Mc Donalds.
Did not get any lunch so I decided to fill up the "new" car and myself at a service stop.
At Mc Donalds they had the "catch of the day", I guess they believe they are competing with the Fish and Chips market.
I ordered "A Catch of Today with french fries and a coke please?"
"Do you want a big one?" he asked looking at his computer screen (they talk to the screen, not you)
"Oh" I said "Did you get a big one today?"
Now he had to look at me to find out what kind of bozo he was serving...
"I mean the French and the Coke" he mastered me
"OK" I said "then I just go for the regular"
It was a while ago I had a reason to visit this great chain of quality food.
I love the way they had the furniture bolted down. Hopefully they know that the New Zealand soil is not to thick. They might end up with a
Mc Vulcano, with hot sauce and Fries (he,he)
The golden arches would look great with steam coming out of the tops... Made the logo more active.
Well the fish came out faster than a flash.
The catch of today, well somebody must have thrown it out from the back room, somebody caught it and threw it in the fritter....
The fish is completely square, perfect like a box. Mc Donalds must have bought a machine that presses outdated cars to square
boxes. There is no way you could catch a fish today and make it look like that.
And most funny, and I urge you to buy this meal just experience this, the bread. Or so called bread. Do they call them buns?
Wow! well knowing that Mc Donalds buys the taste of grilled meat from the perfume industry, it is easy to guess that the bred, or the BUNS must be
a failure from some breast implant industry. They are soft and glossy like, well, guess...
So you have to buy two of them...
There you are, sitting on a chair that is fixed to the floor, trying to reach your food on a table that is supposed to be as uncomfortable as possible, and yes
it finally becomes the catch of the day....