Super yachts comment from Mary

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 29 Apr 2013 18:00
Our friends Mary and Kelvin follow us on our blog, and I love this mail we got and got permission to post:
Hello Staffan, Ellinor, Erika and Andreas!
We have read your blog - its so good to hear that you are doing so well and still enjoying your new life with all the experiences it had to offer.
We managed to track you via marine traffic all through the Panama Canal - from the photos you posted very little seems to have changed from the many years ago that I passed through!
We are really happy that the lures we gave you are finally working and you are getting lots of fish to eat.
Ah yes, those horrible superyachts - those are the type I used to work on (later in my sailing career and only because the paid good money!) - ours (200 foot, motor) had three helicopters - just ridiculous, as they were a real nuisance and we constantly had to check they were tied down and clean the salt off every day....... the one thing you may not realise is that many superyachts with more than one helicopter on board, is that only one of them is serviceable - XXXXX and XXXXXXX had two - one worked and the other was a shell with no engine - just there for a status symbol, the mentality of the rich and famous - "I've got more than you" - utterly revolting, but that's life in the fast lane I guess! Believe me, you are far richer than they will ever be - and I don't mean money, I mean the most important thing - quality of life!
We are so envious of you going to Galapagos - one place int he World we would love to go.......... so take lots of photos, so we can enjoy with you!
Take care all of you and we miss you very much
Lots of love and hugs
Mary and Kelvin