Hunting day

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 30 Dec 2014 17:14
Steve on Lady Carolina asked Selu a local guy if he could take us spear fishing. He respondend that if we could supply the gasoline he would.
So yesterday the "guys" took off and it was my first experience spear fishing myself. Brendt on Impy lent me his spear and off we went by the most beautiful coralhead out in the middle of nowhere.
Even far out the fish is careful with big mammals swimming around looking at them. Most will swim away and many will disappear into the caves in the coral. Since Erika wished for any size fish I shot three parrot fish that was not big but enough to feed the turtles wich was what she was aiming for. Steve got two big parrot fish and when he caught a bigger sea brass 4 sharks went after him and started to fight off the fish. He just had to let go.I had one white tip shark swimming in circles around me and I held out the spear to keep the distance.
Craig from True Blue Five did not catch any but Selu was the champion of course, he shot a BIG Wha Lo a BIG Sea brass and a coral Brass, all big fishes.Brendt was just filming the whole time and funny enough he had a shark actually bumping in to him while he was filming some other fish.
Today is New Years Eve and we will celebrate with the locals on the island (we are still at Makogai).
We wish you all  Happy New Year and do not try to call, we are outside the range of any phone or internet (only satellite)
Is this the year your dream will come`true`?
You know that it's only you who can make it happen.
There will always be obstacles to stop you, all in all they are a big elephant that you cannot possibly take in one bite.
So as you give your wish or goal for 2015 the elephant will be at distant, looking cute and small.
Next morning when you wake up and it is time to grab that elephant and start, he will be close and look down on you, being just too big to move.
So you will say to yourselfe: "not today" and by doing so the elephant is moved to the horizon and becoming small again.
The secret to make a difference for yourselfe or others is to cut the elephant into small pieces and then take one by one, one day you will be there, you made it!  In our case; no more bills coming in, no house, no furniture and no obligations. It took us three years to get there, but we had a date and we made a list and now we are here. And the most remarcable thing is that it is true, Fiji exists, it's there, it's actually here where we are.
When I look at Salsa and us I can hardly believe that this is where we are and we made it.
Even the Fijians are wondering "did you really sail all the way from Sweden?" But we had to stop here to realize where we are...
Happy new year and life is a one way ticket! Make the best of it.