Raiatea 16.48S 151.24 W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 15 Aug 2013 03:55
We are anchored in Bay Faaroa after a 4 hour sail across the "ocean" from Huahini.
When we left our anchorage we motorsailed almost 2 hours inside the reef. Went through the pass and came out on open water. Lots of waves but not more than 1,5 meter. Then we went through the next pass , named Iriru ou Maire. No big deal, 150 meters wide.
Then we went into a fjord where we have big green mountains that rise on both sides just next to us.
The reason we went here is that we read about a river that comes out here. You can go with the dinghy or kayak up river.
And soon after we anchored the kids wanted to see their tuesday movie (yes they saved it for today). Ellinor wanted to take a nap.
So I jumped into the kayak and had one of the best paddling on this journey.
As I entered the river, I had the jungle hangin on the sides. Flowers floating on the mirror of water. The river bending sharply like a snake in the landskape. Mountains rising above me with clouds moving about their tops.
It was all so beautyful, fishes flapping away from what they must have thought being a huge fish.
The water was mostly only 4-5 dm.
After a while I came to a small fall of water and decided to turn back. On the way back I passed a garden that was cut out in all the vegetation. There where a lot of banana trees and a guy named James came to the shore and asked if I wanted to buy some bananas.
I asked how much he wanted for an entire stock (we just runned out of one) and he said 1000 Pacific Franc wish is about 6-7 Euros.
I wanted to buy one but could not take it in the kayak so he offered to come to the boat. Wich he did. A great green stock is now hanging on our aft.
He invited us to come to their house and garden tomorrow morning.
We look forward to that.
Then Erika who actually had fever yesterday and felt better today, took the kayak to go up river.She was away for quite a while but when she came back to the rivers mouth she called us on the radio and wanted to be towed back to the boat.