Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 14 Jun 2013 05:17
Our plates do not look the same anymore, fried banans, fried bread fruit, some lentals, a piece of fresh tuna.¨
And in opposite of the Caribean, where you paid a vast amount of money for fruit, everybody keeps giving it to us for free.
Pampelmousee, imagine a huge grape fruit, very sweet.
Bananas to be fried (red)
Sweet small bananas
Hard mango (that we have learned to grain as a salad)
Bread fruit, when you fry it in small pieces with salt it tastes better than french fries.
Lemon, en masse
Small oranges, not as sweet as we are used to but good enought
Some fruits that we do not know the name of.
Our aft deck is full of them.
In the morning Ellinor has been doing the laundry and I took the kids ashore.
In the afternoon we went to a waterfall, it was quite a walk indeed, through part of a rain forest.
Once up there it was like it probably used to be in other parts of the world before every animal was killed or outfished.
There was a small pond under a huge waterfall, and in that pond you could find fishes and fresh water shrimps. As the water was streaming down the rainforest there was fresh water muray hunting for other animals.
We took a swim and enjoyed just fresh water with No Salt!
As wee walked back everybody was really tired and hungry. And along the way there where some kittens that of course stopped the kids.
The couple that lived in the house where the cats belonged offered us some lemonade. We thanked for the offer and then they started to give us all kinds of fruits and also taught us how to prepare some of it. Since they had some very simpel fishing gear hanging on the wall I asked if they wanted some fishing hooks. And that got more things coming up, including fresh french bred and a frozen tuna.
As we walked further we talked to a guy with a guitar and learned they where going to sing in the church withing half an hour.
So we decided to eat some bread, open a Pampelmousse, have some fried bananas that we have gotten and then go to the church.
Wonderful to hear the polinisean language and the singing was short, cheerful and with good voices.
So when we took the dinghy back to the boat it was getting dark.
Looking forward to tomorrow as the supplyship is coming to the island, they come once every three weeks and as they have some passangers on board the islanders will have some dancing tomorrow.