There are things to be learned 13.21S 143.08W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 3 Jul 2013 08:44
One of the biggest benefits to travel like this is that you get to know yourselfe a little better.
Sounds great?
Well no, that is not always the case.
When there is time there is also some thinking made, and I realize Im a control freak. And that is no good in this environment.
You can't sail on an ocean being a control freak.
And being a CF means also that you might overrun some great experiences.
Instead of feeling joy when the engine is running, you just listen for problems, or maybe you even think that if you enjoy the engine running, it will stop. Because you where not on top of it.
I have decided to love when things work and not to worry about when they will break.
Being a control freak also means you are checking the weather, is it exact as the forecast, if not what is happening?
etc etc etc
You would not want a producer that has no control would you?
Would you like a skipper that has no control? No not that either. So there is some balance that has to be worked out.
Im working on it now...
Hopefully there is some.
What else?
Today it has been much better for everyone on board. The swell has improved a little, and just a little can make you happy.The wind keeps pushing us at some 5-7 knots.
We let the line out but no fish
So I made a pumpkin soup for dinner, Ellinor made fresh bread to go with it.
Being out like this means you have time to listen, and Andreas wanted to show me something he has thought of. He drew and explained:
"These are the wheels, two in the front and two in the back"
"Oh what a great car!" I said
"No it is flying, you see, here are the fans, they blow air into baloons, we have three of them, and when it lands the fans suck the air out of the baloons so you can go down slowly, and here is a sail, do you know why?"
"Well I guess so you can sail with the wind up in the air"
"No no, it is for landing, here are some BIG doubble fans in the rear that drives it forward"
"How many people can it take?"
"Ten thousand"
"Wow, then it is big!"
"No no"
"Where do you go in?"
"Here is a door to an elevator, if you press on a knob saying passenger you end up here and if you press crew you end up there"
That´s whats going on in the cockpit out in the middle of the Pacific, innovation....