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Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 9 Sep 2014 10:42
The toilet is back together again. All parts have been cleaned and sandpapered, spray painted in four layers of white. Erika said that the toilet looked like a hospital now... (must be a small hospital)
We are reading a lot of swedish traditional stories for the kids now at night and many of them deal with kings, queens and princesses.
The children try to make some kind of connection between those very rich royals and the modern houses of monarchy. They ask a lot of questions about what they do nowadays etc. Yesterday Andreas asked (as he was drying a plate from the dishes): Do prince and princesses have to dry dishes?
I answered "no I don't think so but they have to do a lot of boring stuff you don't have to do"
"What for instance?"
"Well they have to sit at a dinner and behave, smile and look interested"
So it went. Nothing more about that and life goes on.
The kids have found some german girls they play with and a boy from South Africa is a little older but very happy to join the crowd.
This morning Erika looked at a coin from Fiji and asked if Queen Elisabeth wanted to be a queen for so many countries.
I answered "well I think she just had it when she became a queen, she had no choice"
Andreas broke in "why not?"
"Well" I said, "she was born into her roll..."
Then Andreas looked at me and asked " did she have to smile and look interested even when she was born?"

If everything works out we are going to Lau on thursday morning. Yeeehaaaa!
The weather window to go down there is critical so not many yachts wait to go there.
Lau is a group of islands that have been closed to visitors until recently.
Some think it will be closed soon again.