Diving in the best of waters

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 13 Feb 2013 15:19
Hallo and thank you for all wonderful mails about the Fisher Panda (Generator) work.
Some are astonished that the technical matters are so challenging. I got a mail from our DP Dag Engström giving a good thought.
His life long experience is both from cargoships and sailing boats and he gave us a good picture of the world today in the commercial business. If we understood him right, work is in a way less challenging on the bridge, where navigation and watch is aided by new technology (no sextant anymore). But the chief engineer has more challenges than ever to keep the ship going. It is easy to imagine that engineering today is all about automation, computeraided technology all the way into the engine room. Now we are far from a commercial vessel but in a way it feels like we have the same picture. All the help we have from technology is fine as long as it works, the problem is that we have to use the time we save on running technology to solve problems where the technology does not work. There is a saying I love: I good tool does half the job, a bad makes you crazy.
As you can imagine, while we where crawling in the engine room, the autopilot/plotter/AIS etc does the work for us upstairs.
And as I said earlier there is no difference between old and new stuff, actually we have more problems in "boxes" that are hard to fix with new technology than the old stuff that is in the open air and looks less sophisticated.
Let's move over to funnier business. The day before yesterday we met the family on board Chilli Cat, Hetha, Charles and their children Luca and Isabella. They dive as well and offered to take care of our children while we went diving and we could do the same for them.
GREAT! So we rented the whole pile of stuff and almost sank the dinghy. Left Erika and Andreas with them and made a really good dive just behind our boat.It was great to be just the two of us strolling around the reef and enjoyng one fish after the other.
After lunch Chilli Cat offered to take their boat to a diving site with us all on it and we went with their great great catamaran over to Petit Bonair. They started off and we watched the boat and the kids. As they came up with big smiles on their faces we went down with big expectations. And it could not be better! Great corals, big ridges of them. Among thousands of fishes just to mention some of what we saw: A turtle on real close encounter, Baracudas (one mean machine that looked like it wanted to eat us), tunas and one swam right up to my google, murrays, I give up, the list would be long long.
New plans
As we talked to Hetha and Charles we realize Columbia is a place to visit. It is safe nowadays and it would cut our trip to Panama in half. So we are looking at St Marta Columbia as our next leg. When we are leaving? Well it looks good right now but we have not decided yet. What we have decided is that we will skip Curasou and Aruba in favour of more time here. Everybody keeps saying this is the best place of the ABC islands.