Windspeed, motor failure freedivesw etc

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 22 Jul 2013 03:48
Hallo and thank you for reading this blogg! The hardest part about it is trying to write something interesting every day.
Well today Im going to ask a question: Yamaha 2,5 hp four stroke that runs for a while and then gives up.
Could be water in the fuelinjection or whatever it is called in english. Could be dirt in the filter. But Yamaha are not the smartest or the most empathic company in the world. They have a manual that is thick. Most of it is about things they do not want to get sued about in the US I guess. Things like do not stick your hands in the propeller while the engine i running. Or do not drink gasoline before you drive. Or use engine with propeller in the water. Or make sure you read the manual before you read the manual. Or do not pull dogs in the water. Or other smart things people can come up with. Then you look for the failure and how to fix part.
I love this one, everything goes: Check if there is gasoline in the tank. The next thing is: contact your Yamaha dealer.
Good Luck! Well, dear Yamaha, you do not have a dealer in Manihi.
I would like to know how to find the fuel filter.
We set off with the dinghy today, the kids and I wanted to go ashore so they could run and play on a bigger area  than 3 square meters.
Off we go against the wind, and it is a LOT of wind (Paul in NZ ask us how much, well average 30 knots but it can work itself up towards 40, BEHIND the island).
200 meters away from the boat the engine says good bye and dies. I try to start and start but we are going with the wind at full speed so I throw the anchor in. We STOP. Nice. Ellinor and Erika talk on the radio (we have a handheld VHF as well), Ellinor decides to ask Winddancer for assistance (we salvaged one of their fenders this morning so this is what neighbourghs are all about....).
They come out with their dinghy and it is quite rought with waves etc, I can't pull the anchor up. It is stuck!
So they take the kids to our boat and bring my snorkeling gear back. We fasten our dinghy to theirs and while they pull I go down 19 meters and get the anchor away from a coral that had a crack and in that crack was our chain.
Free at last and then pulled back to our boat. We invite them for coffee and tea. Have a nice chat while one rain front passes after the other.
Other than that there is not much to tell. It is hard to sleep well at night, there is a lot of movement now even inside the atholl.
We have rain coming in fronts, and with every rain comes a gust that shakes us around.
So if you sleep in a house enjoy the stillness...