Nice weekend

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 23 Mar 2014 07:19
Very relaxed weekend. The kids have played with friends today. Yesterday we had dinner in Matarangi with Ian and Jan. Fish caught by them on friday.MMMM
Today I will post another small chapter from the book Im writing about sailing with a family:

Shall we drive, fly or sail?
If you are a family looking for a change you might ask yourself why you would choose a sailboat. Well at times the question might be granted. Let’s say you are an adventurous souls that now have children and wonder if you could make something else than run in a tread mill. You can of course just backpack your way around. You could buy or rent a camper van and drive around a continent. We actually meet quite a few people that do that. I think it is probably one of the more relaxing ways of travelling with kids.
You could probably just rent houses around the world and go there and live for a while.
Since this book is about what we learned about sailing around with children we will leave the other options and you never know, we might move to one of these other options further down the road.
To give you some arguments why we think a boat works best for us; first of all we enjoy the sea tremendously. Both Ellinor and I love the water. If we drive on a road along a coast our eyes go constantly to the water.
We also think that the boat is a secure platform for the kids. We think that having your own bed and toys available at all times is an advantage.
With a boat we do not have to pay for staying in a place all the time. We can choose a marina and it is usually expensive. But a marina has a good working environment where we have power and water plus the rest of the infrastructure easy at hand.
What we like best though is hanging on an anchor in a beautiful bay. I think travelling by air is efficient all right, but the hassle around it and add a couple of days of jetlag and we have probably caught up with you when we get there. Besides we can go to places were there is no airport.