Never write:All well on board 12.57N 66.30W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 8 Feb 2013 19:44
The wind is steady at about 11 knots, in a way it's nice, in another way it could be more. The waves are a little high for this windstrength, so the sails flapflop about every minute.
Yesterday, late afternoon, I came to think that I have to send a position report to our DP Dag Engström (DP= Designated Person).
Since I was in the midst of cooking I did it fast. Reported our position and the words: All well on board.
Just when I pressed the send button:
then it happened, the thing you fear the most. The automatic bildge pump started going! I opened the boardfloor and yes , there was a stream of  salt water coming from somewhere. I woke Ellinor up and we started to search for the "heart of the spring". That is a terrible job because the boat is stowed in every possible pocket of air. So Ellinor started short ahead of the bildge and I started under the kitchen sink to move backwards. But first I opened the machine room to make sure there was nothing happening there. Our generator was on charging batteries.I could not see anything just opening the machine room. So I moved to the area below the fridges (they have waterintake to cool), there was a good amount of water springing about but not from the fridges, where can it come from? What is behind the wall? I got back to the machine room and all the way into the ganerator and there it was, the generators cooling water was coming out of the box (that _expression_ was funny). Cut off the engine, closed the valve and that finished the job for the bildge pump. Now the question was what have gone wrong with the gen? Well we finished dinner and I took a look around and could not find out anything more than the water was coming from under the generator that unfortunally in this case is mounted in a... case. There are two holes in the bottom and thats where the water came from. All hoses going to and from the box where fine. A nightmare question came up, the Swedish boat Maribelle, also a Hallberg Rassy had to change the entire generator (a Fisher Panda) because the system had corroded and I think cooling water was coming out in the engine. I had to stay cool, working in the engine room was terrible, the engine to hot, I was tired and needed sleep. We closed down everything on board that used power, only the VHF and the lanternas where on. Later on we could start the plotter on power safe mode. The wind was not strong enought to create power for the fridges and we had to let them stay closed til the sun came up and we got solar power, we hoped. Thank god our windpilot works, it uses no power, only wind!
During the night watch I read the Fisher Panda manual wich is one of the best I have ever seen, read about how the whole cooling system is set up and after breakfast this morning I put on the dirty clothes, headlamp and decided to get in there and find the leak.
To make a long story short I found it under the engine (inside the box) and after 5 hours of hard work we managed to start it without any fountains.
Now we can be spoiled kids again, drinking fridge cool water and the system is up and running.
All is well right now on board... (Do I dare?)