Expedition to Yagasa Levu

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 30 Sep 2014 18:09
Last night we had lightning and thunder, a tropical rain and the landscape lit by flashes of sharp light.
Good for the village that they finally got some water.
This morning we loaded 4 guys from the village and and their gear, One White Tree had another 5-6 people and their chain saws.
Husquarna of course. The purpose of the expedition was to go to an atholl north of Fulaga were they will cut trees for three days.The tress will be used for making different things like Kava bowls and other nice stuff. Most is sold i Suva and brings a good income to the village.
The problem is that on the island where they live there are no big big trees (hard to believe), on Yagasa Levu you can find them and they need to get there. The village has only one longboat and it is to dangerous to run over open water with one engine. It is done sometimes but with a big risk involved. As One White Tree had done the journey once we joyned in this time and it is nice to be in a new spot, an uninhabited island in an uninhabited atholl. Now that might sound like you are coming to an empty space on earth but as a matter of fact there is more activity here right now then in the Fulaga atholl. A group of men have built a camp on the other side of the island and they came over soon after we anchored and socialised. They asked for fresh water and salt. Now if you do not understand the mentality here you might be offended and think that these guys just come up to you and beg. Far from it. As the late afternoon go by our men from Fulaga build their camp and we do our things. I go kayaking and realise that this place is cave heaven. The kids will love it. The water is all christal clear, I can see the bottom clearly at 10 meters depth, I mean clearly. We clean and make the dishes and Ellinor starts a washing project for our sheets and clothes, thus meaning we all get involved but she is truly the hard worker on that. I prepare dinner and the kids play on deck. Soon it get's dark and as I do the dishes after the meal I can hear an outboard roaring in the dark. It comes close to us and the kids yell from deck that somebody wants to talk to me. With my mindset it is easy to think "so what do they want now?", well guess what, they have prepared a big fish for us! The guys we just gave water and salt have cooked a fish the size of my leg in a pot! It was still in the big pot and it looked; how shall I put it- not the way we would have made it. I told them we had dinner already and told them the guys in the camp would probably love it, so off they went and asked if we want one tomorrow instead, I told them we would love one but we can cook it ourselves.Yes we are picky, we make things more complicated, I know, we take off the head, and the fins, and the skin and the bones, but that's the way we are used to.