What do you want to pay, 40 Dollars or 2,5?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 1 Feb 2013 11:14
One of the hassles when you are in new places is to try to understand rules, prices etc. The last item is the most frustrating, you always try to find out if somebody is trying to make extra money on your absense of knowledge. Yesterday one of the tasks was to get our outboard engine for the dinghy to the Yamaha workshop in Grenada, it is tyring to drive around with full trottle all the time.Even with 2,5 horsepower.
So I called a taxi that was recommended in the pilot book and took that as an opportunity to talk to him about arranging a tour around the island.
He drove and drove and finally dropped us off at the workshop for 40 EC dollars (to convert, take 1/3 of it and you have dollars).
Well that was a lot of money I exclaimed, and Keith, the driver told me we could take the bus home and pointed at a small concrete box by the road. Andreas and I went inside and had a palaver with a technician and walked up to the bus stop. My thought was that we will stand here for ever, nope, after one minute a small minivan pulled on the side and we got home with loud reggie music and wonderful people for 2,5 EC dollars (for both!). So now we unvieled a small secret on this island, the lcal buses come all the time and they are CHEAP!
The night before yesterday we had a great evening making our own pizza with S/Y Elin, they just came in before us to Grenada and it was a nice reunion. Last night we where invited to S/Y Miss My for discussion about sharing a minibus and make an island tour together. That was a lot of fun and great company. Now we are tied to a dock in Port Sant Louis Lagoon, it was the firt time since St Lucia we are tied to land.
Today we will make rigg inspection etc. Tomorrow is the big fruit and vegetable market in St George and we look forward to fill up the boat.