Full moon

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 21 Aug 2013 17:24
We have been here two nights now. Bora Bora ashore is quite rough. Guess all turism have destroyed the island. It is the first time since the Caribean we feel we need to lock the dinghy and even start a sensor alarm at night. There has been four outboards theft the last three nights. Full Mounty a boat with kids even had people on deck stealing their outboard engine.
So far the yachtclub where we are has not had any of these things happening. We are at a mooring and since we pay a fee we have free internet and a nice terrace overlooking the water, where we can be as much as we like. It has a great pool wich is perfect for the kids.
Erika and the children from Miss MY had school on the terass yesterday. There is a nice shadow and very comfortable furniture.
At 5 there is happy hour but yesterday we skipped that. Can't have happy hour every day in this life...
Other nice things are that close by you can get fresh baguettes from five in the morning.
Bora Bora is well known for its peak shooting out from a lagoon. And now when there is full moon it hides behind the peak and at 9-10pm it comes over it creating a fantastic rim. On the radio net we heard about something we have never seen, a boat saw a rainbow at night, created by the moon and rain from a squall. That would be something.to see (maybe a happy hour?).
If the weather forecast stays the same we will most probably leave for Cook Islands on Friday morning. Rorotonga is our goal.
It should take 4-5 days, more the latter since the wind is going to be light.
We have some work to do these last days before leaving. A most stupid thing to repair it the window in the cockpit, by some reason the one that can be opened has come off and we have to fix it. It is a most stupid construction to fix. I wont get into that.
Other than that-knock on wood- there has been very little problems on Salsa the last months.