When LEGO hits the fan

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 2 Feb 2014 06:12
You remember the guy who thought that every technical problem was a gift?
I wish he was here yesterday...
Andreas dropped a big piece of LEGO in the toilet the other day. Well in a house that does not mean much, you flush and it is gone.
If you want it back you just put your hand in the "water" and get it-no big deal.
Well Andreas decided to flush it away... well on a boat that is not so smart. Because you have a pump and valve system that sort of takes care of the hard stuff.
But only hard to a certain degree.
Since the toilet continued to work as normal we decided to believe in Erika: -he had not dropped a piece. It was just his fantasy.
Yesterday it was obvious S O M E T H I N G was in the valve/pump/system...
Only one thing to do. Be thankful for another challenge and start taking the shi... sorry toilet apart.
I tried to sing and smile and it sort of worked. The small brown pieces that came with the so called challenge had their smell and not so appetizing appearance...
But  I smiled and sang a song about what was there and how much I Ioved it. The kids asked me to stop the song they thought was to grouse.
Finally I got the whole thing apart and yes there it was- a big windscreen made by LEGO - thank you.
Now it is back in one piece and works just as good as when it was new (well renovated by Kelvin).
Now  the pumping is like closing the door of a Mercedes, just smooth and precise.
One thing I must admire though, the ingenuity that goes with the Blake toilets. It is so rigid!

I asked Ellinor to take some pictures as proof that I'm happy... here you are