We hit something this morning 04.45.9 S 127.45.5W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 2 Jun 2013 22:03
At about 4 am this morning we sailed onto something hard. We cannot see any damage from the inside of the boat but the knotmeter has given up right when it happened. It was dark at the time, Ellinor was on watch and she says something splashed right behind us. A whale? We will probably never know.
Sailing around in the dark, you have to be aware that something can be hit, and the nightmare is of course a container that is submerged.
There is nothing much to do about it, we have to sail on and wait for an opportunity to go down under the water and see her from the outside.
The wavetrain from south has not reached us yet, so we could have our water and clean session today on aft deck. Really nice. Since we lost the good bucket to get water up we use something called the fire hose. Salsa has a high pressure pump that can either be used to empty the bildge or to pump up seawater for example to put out a fire ( a small one with no diesel involved I guess). This is what we use now to clean us before we end the session with a fresh water shower.
Right now Erika is reading Madicken (a Swedish classic childrens book) loud for Andreas. Ellinor is sleeping. And I'm answering mails etc.
I was almost forgetting, yesterday afternoon, right after dinner, the 200 dolphin show came by again. Their performance lasted at least over an hour. They seem to love to conquer Salsa, swimming right in front of her bow or jump on the sides.
The whole sea is boiling when they show up, you can see them close, far away, right under, no not above us,  yet.