The minister of health visited us today!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 10 Sep 2013 20:20
This morning we had a choice, to check the weather for leaving tomorrow or check if this island wanted Ellinor for a doctor.
So we started with the later task. I went by the office of Taio, the shipowner on this island, ans since I knew he had been the minister of finance I asked what we would do to check the situation. Well he called his friend the minister of health and as the whole family came to the dock with two trolleys full of food from the supermarket, Lovisa the daughter from Miss MY came running and told us the minister of health will come to us in an hour.
We started to clean up the boat and as he came he looked down at the dinghy and asked to have the meeting ashore.... (He did not like our dinghy?)
Anyway he started to talk about the enormous problems they have on the islands, diabetes and overweight.
Soon enought he had to move on to the next meeting and his secretary of health came instead.
She was also short on time, did obviously not enjoy dinghys either so they decided to have a meeting tomorrow at her office.
Other than that we had afternoon tea ombord with fresh scones made by your author, guests, Lou and his boys and the family from Miss My
Ellinor and Kristina disappeared by five for yoga class.
Oh yes, some of you have asked if we plan on moving here permanent. No we are planning on staying here the hurricane season.
IF it all works out, it is not ready yet. And Ellinor might find the conditions to bad to be accepted.
If we put Erika in scholl we have to pay for her etc....
Exciting it is. In any way if we decide to move on, the boat is full of food now.