Some thoughts Monday morning

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 10 Sep 2012 04:52
It is 6 in the morning, dark outside, we are still at anchor close to La Coruna, in a bay called La Mera.
We have beautiful beaches around us, it is warm and gentle.
The children have loved these days with friends that speak the same language.
In all this, it is coming now, thoughts about, what is my role in this?
I can see the other men working all day on their boats. Ours is doing well now, nothing urgent to take care of.
I'm reading "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" and enjoy it fully, what a perfect book for a long sailor!
I try to play the guitar 30 minutes evey day, it is fun, but old Luther is asking me; - fun? is your life about having fun?
Don't you have a job to do? Fun?
At least you could write on your book?
This is how it goes about in between making hard descitions on what to eat, when to take a swim etc.
In half an hour it's time to wake up Ellinor and we shall have a short breakfast and then start the machinery, 50 meters of anchor chain is going up from being at the bottom almost a week, the engine will take us out on the open sea and then we roll out sails and stop the noise, there will be no more sounds than the wind and the sea again. I have a job to do! Navigation, trimming the sails etc. We are on our way again!
It is trange, but there is a very good feeling about coming and leaving.
By the way, when you meet a family on the same track you seem to always ask, how come you are doing this?
Most answers are about, life is to short, we wanted to be together etc.
This is the most interesting so far; - we could not stand living with each other and separated, but we have the children together and asked ourselves, what do we love to do? Since sailing is our passion, we have decided to sail together and that works!
I love life! And Luther did to, I guess.