25:48.6S 166:27.7E Fishburger

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 6 Jun 2015 05:28
Yesterday was a nice day of sailing, but under stress, we had to keep up speed to avoid the worse of a thunder/rain front.
Just before dawn we caught a Mahe-mahe, not a big one, about 5 kg. Perfect to haul in without slowing down.
Part of that  fish became fishburgers today on French bread with a home made dressing, salad, tomato and onion.mmmmmmm
All night the wind was veering setting off the autopilot alarm.But we kept up a good speed of 7-8 knots and maybe we just made it out of the front.
Right now it is raining on us being much darker behind than in front of us. In a couple of hours the wind shall start to pick up more speed, we have about 20 knots from the East now, then we will also start navigating more SW, we have kept a 180 degree line south of New Caledonia.
It is amazing, while Im navigating etc here far out in the Pacific, Andreas Ipad has city sounds coming out of it. Andreas is playing SIM city.
For those that dont know what it is, you are the mayor of a city that you can make grow or shrink depending on how smart decitions you make.
So while Im looking at the wind patterns to decide if we should reef a bit more, Andreas asks me wether he should invest in a sewage station or a policestation... Those virtual worlds. Well I have a virtual world in front of me, the plotter that becomes my reality in a world that is just sea-sea-sea.
Waves are about 3 meter and getting more steep now as the wind is getting stronger.
It is really cold, Im wearing my sailing pants now, full length (how long ago did I have othen than shorts? Cannot remember..., a big sweater and a scarf. Last night both Ellinor and took turns on a winter cap when on watch.